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What a month. 4 performances, one weekend of camping, a job interview, turning down a place at MGA (*insert sad face here*), I mean it's all kicking off here in HollyLand. I'm actually surprised I've accomplished so much so far in 2015. I came into this year with really low expectations after the last few years, plus I DESPISE SUMMER, but it's exceeded everything I could've asked for.

Me and the gang went to the National Festival of Youth Theatre in Glenrothes last weekend, which was by far the most enjoyable and entertaining weekends I think I've ever had. We were there from Friday to Monday (3rd-6th) and had to camp outside. In a field. 48 miles from home. We also performed "Rose" at Rothes Halls, which we devised ourselves. The interesting thing was that none of that show was ever actually written down on paper, which is really cool. Everyone learned the scenes by rehearsing. Over and over, I mean the dedication to that show was unreal. It's honestly a privilege to be working with such talented and creative people and I can genuinely say they're like a second family.

But next, it's the Free Fringe in Edinburgh!
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Long time no use.

I've figured I left this site for a reason, but it's time to make a comeback. Just because I have photos to upload, really. Nothing special - just little pictures from my days. Why bother taking photographs if no-one's going to see them, right?

I've actually missed this site.

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There are too many llamas in my life. Llama surnames, llama biscuits, llama songs..... So many llamas.
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"It's a pretty good crowd for a Saturday,
And the manager gives me a smile
'Cause he knows that it's me they've been coming to see
To forget about life for awhile."
-Billy Joel, Piano Man
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So... I joined DeviantART today.

It's the one thing I have always wanted to join, but never have. I don't know what was putting me off, but now that I have made an account I realise just how hard it i to grasp the concept!

But for now, I bid you adew.
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